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 Training agreement with Bahrain


DURHAM Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner and Durham Constabulary have this week signed an Agreement with the Ministry of the Interior in Bahrain to deliver training in forensics to the Bahraini Police Force.


The Agreement was signed in Bahrain by Durham’s Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner, Ron Hogg, Durham Constabulary’s Assistant Chief Officer, Gary Ridley, and Bahrain’s Chief of Public Security, Major-General Tariq Al Hassan.


Under the Agreement, Durham Police will deliver training so that Bahraini Officers can better make use of forensics in their investigations.


This will enhance officers’ use of evidence to ensure that offenders are prosecuted and brought to justice, and also to enable those wrongly accused to be effectively acquitted.
The training to be provided meets the best international standards.
Durham Constabulary has taken over a pre-existing contract from the College of Policing and work with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to enable the training of Bahraini officers to make better use of forensics in their investigations.  
It has been approved by senior Ministers and has been through the UK Government’s Overseas Security and Justice Assessment process which scrutinises proposals of this kind in order to ensure they are supportive of British Foreign Policy and to manage risk.
In this case, consideration has been given to the extent to which the agreement supports the promotion of human rights within Bahrain.
It has also been approved by the International Policing Advisory Board.
The PCVC considers that the Agreement will help to promote human rights in Bahrain by improving the quality of evidence which is used by the police and prosecutors, and by increasing the extent to which prosecutions and convictions are based on objective evidence.
He has also, with the agreement of the Foreign Office and the Ministry of the Interior, included a clause in the contract which ensures that British Policing’s Code of Ethics applies in the delivery of the contract, and which enables Durham Constabulary to withdraw if the required standards in this respect are not being met.
Durham Constabulary was recently identified as being the top force in the country for solving crimes.
Durham has also been rated as ‘outstanding’ for effectiveness and efficiency for the past three years.
This means that Durham is exceptionally well-placed to deliver the training, which will help to spread British values and to improve the quality of policing within Bahrain.