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 Nuisance bikers to receive Easter cards from police


​EASTER cards from the police will be delivered to nuisance bikers telling them to behave as the weather warms up or face the consequences.

Officers from Durham Constabulary will be delivering the cards to offenders in Darlington who have been caught riding illegally on more than one occasion and have been issued with two or more warning notices.

The cards are just one tactic officers will be using to crack down on the illegal use of off-road bikes with the arrival of the Easter holidays and the onset of warmer weather.

Following concerns from members of the community regarding off-road bikes being ridden illegally and antisocially in the town, officers are also using a unique DNA tagging spray that can be sprayed on offenders who refuse to stop for police.

The solution marks the bikes, clothing and skin of the riders, which shows up under special UV lights and stays in place for a number of weeks, even after washing.

The spray provides forensic evidence to link suspects to crimes and has already been successfully deployed in the town, resulting in a conviction.

Inspector Chris Knox, from Darlington Neighbourhood Police Team, said: “As the weather warms up and the schools break up for the Easter holidays, we want to remind illegal bikers that we are watching them.

“We’d ask all recipients of this card to be mindful of their behaviour – if you are repeatedly riding illegally and antisocially, we will find you and we will take action against you.” 

He added: “We know that the illegal and antisocial use of off-road bikes is a major concern to people living in Darlington, and we want to reassure residents that we are using a number of tactics to tackle it.

“As well as Easter cards and the DNA spray, we also hope to use drones to capture images that can be used to identify people who are breaking the law, and find where bikes are being stored.”

The activity forms part of Operation Endurance – the force’s long-running crackdown on nuisance bikers – which sees motorcycle officers working alongside neighbourhood teams to rid the streets of illegal bikers.

Anyone with any information on those who ride bikes illegally should email