DCI awarded SIO of the year 2017


​DCI Michael Callan who recently retired from Durham Constabulary after 35 years of exemplary police service has been awarded National Senior Investigative Officer (SIO) of the year 2017. Here’s a snippet of his nomination…
“Whether dealing with colleagues or members of the public, Michael is extremely engaging and displays an authenticity which clearly shows his ability to go the extra mile in order guide and help others.
“For the last ten years Michael has been the head of Durham Constabulary’s Major Crime Team and his knowledge within the fight against crime and disorder specifically lies within serious and major crime.
“Throughout his time within the team, he has been involved in over 100 successful homicide investigations.
“The legacy he has left has been one of not only effectively leading investigations into the most serious of crimes, but he has also displayed an outstanding level of service to the community.
“He is an exceptional leader who inspires the staff he commands and the senior officers to which he is responsible.
“He has been a critical friend to other Senior Investigating Officers (SIOs) providing considered and measured advice on complex issues such as crime scene management, high profile investigations, management of vulnerable witnesses and suspects, and the support given to the families of murder victims or major incident disasters, including the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.
“Prior to retiring Michael was the SIO for an investigation into serious sexual and physical abuse at Medomsley Detention Centre, which has identified over 1400 victims.
“Whilst maintaining his role as head of Durham Constabulary’s MCT, Michael has played a prominent role in the delivery of a £6million Home Office project.
“The uptake of this project by all 43 police forces has guaranteed the effective management of investigations.
“After 35 years’ service Michael retired in March 2017. However due to the considerable knowledge, experience and ability he has developed throughout his service, we feel he still has an important role to play within the organisation.
“As a result, his skills and abilities will be retained following his retirement”.
DCI Michael Callan was awarded SIO of the year 2017 back in October at the National SIO Conference.
A remarkable achievement, well done!