Neighbourhood Watch

​Neighbourhood Watch Challenge

More than 1,000 Durham residents have signed up as new Neighbourhood Watch members after a recent police recruitment drive as part of the ‘Challenge 1000’.

Our challenge is to recruit new homes, new members and new co-ordinators to the Neighbourhood Watch network in our area. We are looking for the new street co-ordinators to receive our police Voice Connect messages and pass the information onto their fellow members.

Schemes can be big or small, a large housing estate, a village, or they might involve just half a dozen houses.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes bring people together and can make a real contribution to tackling and solving local problems.

  • Neighbourhood Watch is free to join.
  • British Crime Surveys show fewer crimes are committed in active NHW areas.
  • Most household insurance providers offer premium reductions for NHW members.
  • NHW provides a close link with your local police team.
  • Voice Connect keeps members informed about relevant crime issues and offers crime prevention advice.

More information? Ring Durham Constabulary on 101 and ask for Tim Thompson on ext. 668 2814.

Student Watch

In a further attempt to have fewer victims of crime, some of our university students are embracing the idea of Neighbourhood Watch and setting up Student Watch schemes in and around the city. These student-led initiatives are running in areas where there is no NHW scheme in existence. Although the co-ordinators are students, the scheme will benefit students and local residents alike. For more details contact Phil Raine, University Liaison officer on 101,or via Twitter @durhamuniPol

For further information on Force NHW and Watch schemes see also (link to About us – Partnerships – NHW & watch Schemes)