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While County Durham and Darlington are safe places to live with low levels of serious crime, anti-social behaviour continues to disrupt the lives of far too many residents.

At Durham Constabulary we take this very seriously, which is why our neighbourhood officers and PCSOs work with residents and local organisations to find real solutions to anti-social behaviour and other local problems.

There are many different types of anti-social behaviour, some dealt with by police, some dealt with by your local council and some dealt with by other agencies.  Please have a look at our checklist so see which organisation to contact for help.

Find out who best to contact in the table below:

Anti-Social Behaviour Checklist
 Police Responsibility Council Responsibility
Begging Fly tipping/ Littering/ Waste on land
Vandalism Dog fouling
Gangs and youths drinking in parks Abandoned vehicles
Harassment or intimidation Graffiti
Dangerous dogs Lost or stray dogs
Misuse of Fireworks Noise nuisance 
Nuisance driving including quad bikes Parking issues
Dealing/taking of drugs and drinking
alcohol in the street
Found syringes
Report the above issues to Durham Constabulary

Report the above issues to Durham County Council 


Darlington Borough Council


  • Is the flytip in Darlington? Call Darlington Borough Council on 01325 405111, or click here
  • Is the flytip in County Durham? Report it online to Durham County Council here or call 03000 260 000. 

Dog fouling
Anyone who fails to clear up after their dog can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £100. If the case goes to court this could cost the owner or person in charge of the animal up to £1,000.

  • Witnessed dog fouling in Darlington? If you witness dog fouling or have information on the identity of the owner, you can report this to Darlington Borough Council's enforcement team directly and they will investigate and potentially fine the perpetrator. Call 01325 406999 or visit their website
    If you want to report dog fouling for clearance please email or call 01325 405111.
  • Witnessed dog fouling in County Durham? Report it online to Durham County Council here
    You can also request a new dog bin or report damage to one here

Lost dogs

  • To report a lost dog in Darlington, or report a stray dog, click here
  • To report a lost dog in County Durham, or report a stray dog, click here.

Noise complaints
If you have a problem with noise, such as loud music, noisy pubs, rowdy parties or barking dogs, you can report this to your local authority. 

  • To complain about noise in Darlington, call Darlington Borough Council on 01325 405111 (for complaints about council properties telephone 01325 405333) or email
    For more information click here
  • To complain about noise in County Durham, click here

Pot holes and road repairs
Local authorities are responsible for maintaining and improving the roads, footpaths, bridges, street lights and traffic signals in County Durham and Darlington.

The A1(M), A19 and A66 are maintained by Highways England.

Abandoned vehicles
An abandoned vehicle is one which appears to have been left without an owner. It may not have been moved for a long time and it may be in poor condition, vandalised or in a dangerous position.

  • To report an abandoned vehicle, caravan or trailer in Darlington, contact Darlington Borough Council on 01325 406999 or use the online form.

  • To report an abandoned vehicle, caravan or trailer in County Durham, click here

Parking issues
Any person can park their vehicle on a public road provided that the vehicle is taxed and insured and is not in contravention of any parking restriction or other laws. In circumstances where a vehicle is legally parked outside your property or is preventing you from parking where you would like to park, the police cannot take any action.

  • For information about parking in Darlington, click here.
  • For information about parking in County Durham, click here

Found syringes 
Discarded hypodermic needles and syringes are extremely dangerous and could cause injury or infection. If you find a needle or syringe on public land or council premises then it should be reported immediately to Durham County Council or Darlington Borough Council.

If you can't get hold of your local council, please report it to the police by calling 101 so we can remove it immediately to prevent public harm. 

Lost and found property
Durham Constabulary do not take reports of lost property and cannot issue a reference number. However, if the item you've lost is dangerous, hazardous or can cause harm, please contact us immediately.

Click here for more information.