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Explore opportunities at Durham Constabulary below

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Temporary Information Clerk Closing date: 23/02/2024 17:00:00

IT Technician - Network & Communications Team Closing date: 26/02/2024 17:00:00

IT Technician – Service Desk Closing date: 26/02/2024 17:00:00

Temporary First Aid Trainer Closing date: 26/02/2024 17:00:00

Occupational Health Advisor Closing date: 28/02/2024 17:00:00

Senior Occupational Health Advisor Closing date: 28/02/2024 17:00:00

FIXED TERM HR ADVISOR Closing date: 29/02/2024 17:00:00

Motor Vehicle Auto Technician – Fleet Department Closing date: 01/03/2024 09:00:00

ARV OFFICER – Transferee Closing date: 01/08/2024 17:00:00


As a frontline police officer you will be supporting local communities, building relationships and combating crime. 

Find out more about the Detective Constable Degree Holders Entry Programme and transfers here.

PCSOs play a significant role in supporting the Police, other agencies and local communities.

Durham Constabulary relies on the support and dedication of more than 1,000 members of police staff. 

PCSVs are drawn from all parts of the community. They perform their agreed roles alongside police staff and officers.

Specials perform a variety of duties to support regular officers with the day-to-day policing of Durham and Darlington.

Positive Action is about creating a level playing field and the same starting point for everyone. 

Durham Constabulary offers a wide range of apprenticeships across the organisation. Find out more here.

Find out more about our volunteering opportunities and police cadet scheme.