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16 July 2021 10:51:00
Closing Date:
06 August 2021 17:00:00
Durham Constabulary’s Police Constable recruitment process has commenced, and application forms will now be accepted.
We are looking to recruit for training courses 2022 – 2023.

If you enjoy facing challenges, solving problems and would like to contribute to keeping your community safe while developing a wider range of skills, then policing could be for you.

As frontline police officer’s you will be the face of the constabulary supporting local communities, building relationships, and combating crime. It is a vital role and one that makes a tangible difference to the communities in which we serve.

It's a demanding and fast paced environment, but one that is incredibly rewarding for those looking to make a real difference. From providing community reassurance to making arrests, our officers are supporting the community 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We are looking for dedicated and enthusiastic people with a passion for serving the community and keeping the public safe. Our officers provide a vital frontline service for our community and visitors to County Durham and Darlington.


It is Durham Constabulary's Policy that if someone is applying for what is a public facing role and they have tattoos which can’t be covered by normal work clothes/standard uniform apparel, the practical effect is that they are likely to be prevented from passing the ‘paper sift’ at the application stage.  Tattoos on face, neck, or hands (beyond the cuff) are not permitted.  However, some small tattoos around your wrist or to side of palm for instance may be permitted but would be reviewed via an internal scrutiny panel.  Photographs of tattoos in such areas would therefore need to be included as part of the application process (see application form for further details).

Qualifications / Experience Test

Qualification & Eligibility

To be eligible to apply applicants must possess the following qualifications / experience;

  1. 2 x A levels or an NVQ Level 3 qualifications is a minimum, and in order to enrol onto the PCDA programme with Northumbria University you must be able to evidence a total of 120 UCAS points or higher.  Plus GCSE Maths & English, A – C (9 – 4) grade 


Experiential Learning – for some candidates whose A level qualifications/level 3 may not reach 120 UCAS points, therefore Professional training or significant work experience may also considered to be equal to the above and in this instance you MUST evidence your training/experience by completing and attaching the Experiential Learning Form below. Please ensure you provide as much detail as possible regarding your professional roles, responsibilities, work-based training or activity that you believe to be relevant to this application.

Your UCAS Tariff Points can be made up of several different types of qualifications provided they are at the minimum level 3 requirement. 

Please ensure you check your qualifications UCAS points, you can utilise the UCAS calculation tool below to help you.  If your UCAS points are less than 120 and you do not submit the Experiential Learning Form this can delay the recruitment process for you.

Calculator for UCAS Tariff Points

Durham Police will review a candidate’s professional training or work experience in line with the national Police Officers competency framework if a candidate does not have the required UCAS points.

What if I have studied abroad?

If you have studied a non UK qualification, you can see how it compares to the standard entry criteria by reviewing Northumbria Universities website in relation to international qualifications Also note you will be required to obtain a certified translation of qualifications if certificates are not issued in English, this will be at your own expense and must be available at date of submission of application.

Copies of all educational qualifications evidencing the above MUST be attached and submitted as part of your application.  Please ensure you only send the relevant certificate as proof of the level 3 or above. We do need GCSEs, Level 2 qualifications but for Maths & English only.

As an alternative, you may also apply if you are currently employed in one of the below specialist Police Staff roles and do not have a level 3 qualification – in this instance you will also need to complete the Experiential Learning Form:-

2 years’ service as a Special Constable and have attained Independent Patrol Status, performing minimum hours (16 hours per month average) at the time of application.


2 years’ service as a Community Support Officer designated under section 38 of the Police Reform Act 2002 at the time of application.   


2 years’ service in a police staff role which is considered by the chief officer to prepare a person for service as a member of a police force.  In Durham these roles are;

  • CET File Builder
  • Detention Officer
  • Call Handler / Dispatcher
  • Investigative Officer
  • CSI
  • Front Counter Clerk

Driving Licence

Candidates must possess a full current Driving Licence at the point of application. This must be for a manually operated motor vehicle.  Should you hold a provisional licence only you cannot apply. 

How to apply

Application Process

 To apply you will need to complete the below

  • Application form
  • Competency Based Questions
  • Experiential Learning Form, if applicable, Level 3 under 120 UCAS points

You will need to send the following documents if applicable

  • All of the above
  • Copies of Level 2 Maths & English certificates, GCSE A – C, 4 – 9 grades, or equivalent
  • Copies of certificates re Level 3 qualifications or above qualifications
  • Pictures of Tattoos
  • Details of search assessment centre score or Online Assessment Centre score, valid within 24 months of application

If you do not send all of the appropriate paperwork with your application it may be deemed as  incomplete and will not be progressed, whereby you will fail the initial sift.

You must return the fully completed application form, and copies of certificates of any level 3 or above qualifications, along with Maths & English GCSE only.

If required, please also return the Experiential Learning Form, this is only to be completed if your Level 3 qualification(s) do not equate to 120 UCAS points. 

If you have a valid Assessment Centre score / Online Assessment score from a previous SEARCH process within 24 months, we will also need evidence of this, for example a copy of pages 3 - 5 of the SEARCH Assessment report or confirmation email to confirm pass result.  Again, this must be sent with your initial application in order to progress your application.

Applications should be returned to this email only, - hard copies will not be accepted.

The deadline for submission of applications is 5pm on Friday, August 6, 2021.  Please do not leave to the last minute to complete and submit your application.

What Happens next?

The first stage following receipt of your application documents will be an initial sift, following which your responses to the competency-based question section of your application will be assessed.  Once assessed you will receive e-mail notification confirming the outcome.

If successful you will then progress to the Online Assessment Process.  This will include

1)    Competency Based Video Interview

2)    Written Exercise & Briefing Exercise.

An individual’s overall online assessment score will determine whether they will then proceed to the final interview stage of the recruitment process. 

Interviews will be held at Police Headquarters during Autumn 2021, for those with an Assessment Centre score and between December 2021 and January 2022 for those that complete and pass the Online Assessment.

If you have a valid Search Assessment Centre / Online Assessment Centre Score, dated within the last 24 months you will process directly to the final interview stage.  This must be evidenced and submitted with your initial application.

For SEARCH Assessment Centre a pass mark is overall 50% and 50% in 2 categories ie working with others and oral communication. The Online Assessment Centre is a Pass or Fail and you must have a pass mark. You will not need to re-sit this stage, and should you pass the initial stage you will progress directly to the final interview.

Please direct any queries to Human Resources on 0191 3752123 or

Good luck with your application.

Application Form

Application Form Notes

Competency Based Questions

Experiential Learning Form (if Applicable, to be used if 120 UCAS is not evidenced)

Role Profile

Candidate Journey – Online Assessment Process

LaunchPad College Video 1

Contact Email