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PACT means Police and Communities Together


If you live in County Durham or Darlington and want to get involved in how your local area is policed, Durham Constabulary has the answer.

Along with our local councils we have developed PACT - Police and Communities Together – to ensure we’re tackling the issues which matter to you in your community.
PACT meetings are held in local venues on a regular basis. This could be a community centre or similar, and we also hold online PACT meetings, PACT meetings in schools and sometimes PACT meetings in public open spaces (weather permitting).
At every meeting there’s a discussion about local priorities. These are the issues which local people tell us they want their local policing team to tackle. If an issue is made a PACT priority it will be tackled, and there will be an update at future meetings about what has been done about it. The priorities should change all the time, because we aim to sort out the issue and move on to something else.
But you don’t have to attend a meeting. You can be part of PACT simply by contacting your local neighbourhood team. You may see one of them out and about in your area, you can ring them using the non-emergency 101 number or you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
PACT is your opportunity to influence what we focus on, where you live.
To find out when your next PACT meeting is, check the list below, visit your local neighbourhood area of the website or call 101 and ask to speak to a member of the neighbourhood policing team.