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Posted on Thursday 29 September 2022
sc fisher at work

13 years a volunteer.

Special Sergeant Daniel Fisher joined Durham’s Special Constabulary in 2009 to help people in his community.

Little did he know, he would love the role so much that he would volunteers hundreds of hours for the force, becoming a skilled officer at the heart of D Relief in Bishop Auckland.

SC Fisher gained patrol status in October 2010 and just three years later, completed his response driving course allowing him to cover officer leave periods during their time of need.

Determined to help in any way he could and enjoying the role so much would see him volunteer 700 hours minimum each year, topping a record of 836 hours in 2014.

He said: “I have seen the best in people and the worst, I have attended some truly terrible incidents but also been there to see great outcomes for the community.

“During the low periods I have had the force support me, through their supervisors, officers and varying departments. I have really appreciated the support.”

As well as completing the driving course, Special Sergeant Fisher was also trained in a number of areas including Method of Entry and Level 2 Public Safety – becoming the only special constable in the region with this qualification.

He has also been recognised by both Chief Constables and members of the public with awards and commendations for his dedication and outstanding work.

His full-time career as a social worker took him down South in 2018 for “a few months” seeing him travel back-and-forth for the two roles but he loved his social care role so much he has now made the difficult decision to hang up his Durham boots for the last time.

Recounting his time in his special role, he said: “It has been an absolute pleasure, privilege and honour serving the people of County Durham and Darlington as a Special Sergeant.

“I take away fantastic memories and have made friends for life. I have gained a wealth of knowledge training and experience that has equipped me to be the social worker that I am today.”

Reflecting on SC Fishers 13 years of volunteering, S/Superintendent Steven Curran said: “To donate even a few hours to your local community is a wonderful achievement, to donate 13 years and hundreds of hours is a lifetimes achievement.

"On behalf of Durham Constabulary we extend our thanks to Daniel and his outstanding volunteering career."

Thank you for your service Special Sergeant Fisher, we wish you all the best in your career.

Could you follow in Daniel Fisher's footsteps? Recruitment for Special Constables is to re-open in early 2023!

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