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Posted on Friday 17 June 2022
andy insta

In a few days, many families across County Durham and Darlington will be celebrating Father's Day.

But we know Father’s Day is not just for Dads, it’s about celebrating all the male role models who have had a positive impact on our lives.

For PCSO Bethany Reeves, she was lucky to have her role model right on her doorstep – literally!

Chief Inspector Andy Reeves made quite the impression on his daughter, and she decided to follow in his footsteps and join Durham Constabulary just last year.

Andy, who has served with Durham Constabulary for 19 years began his policing career in 2003 when Bethany was just 3 years old. Now, Bethany serves as a community support officer in Consett.

Proud Dad, Chief Inspector Andy Reeves said: “In the early stages of my career,  I would not see my daughter for days due to shift patterns but now she’s working alongside me, I’m lucky to see her more regularly.

“Bethany still likes to empty Dad’s wallet occasionally for meals or cinema trips, however isn’t keen on cleaning cars, she’s definitely inherited my sense of humour, some might say.

“Now she is PCSO, it is strange talking about the different jobs we have been dealing with but one thing is for sure, and I know Bethany will agree, those significant incidents you do attend really bring home what family really means. “

PCSO Reeves said: “I always wondered what my dad had been doing at work when I was younger, but I was a bit too young to hear about most jobs – my Dad was really good at switching off and shielding us from that.

“Now I am older and in the same career, it’s interesting comparing what incident we have been dealing with during the day, and it is good to know I’ve got my Dad to talk to at home and get advice from him when I need it.

She continued: “I initially started the job as I had an interest in safeguarding from previous job roles and the role of a PCSO has been a great steppingstone for me in that sense.

“I knew joining the police would help me towards my future career goals and it’s massively helped build my confidence and communication skills.

“I love my role a PCSO and I’ve made some really good relationships with members of my community but I am looking forward to taking on a more specialist role in the future.

Well we can’t wait to see how Bethany progresses in her career, with her Dad by her side of course.

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