The University and Police are working hard together to ensure you and your property remain safe. Here is some advice to help prevent your property being stolen.

• Mark your property with a UV pen. Your name and college will suffice and you can mark virtually anything. This may not prevent you property from being stolen, but will greatly improve your chances of getting it back if it is recovered by the Police. For laptops and mobile phones, take out the battery and mark inside the device before re-fitting the battery. Don’t write on the Screen !!  (you may laugh, but it has been done before !!)

• Lock windows and doors when leaving the room, even if only going out for a short time. Burglars look for the easiest way in and It only takes a few seconds for someone to steal your property.

• Lock your door, even if you are just popping down the corridor for a short time.

• Don’t leave valuables unattended. This includes libraries, lecture rooms, bedrooms.

• Don’t leave valuables in public view. When you have finished studying by the window, put your laptop out of sight. Make sure your valuables can’t be seen from outside.

• At night close the curtains and leave a light on if you are not in the room (use a low energy bulb).

• Consider using a timer switch to operate a table lamp or radio/hi-fi to help give the impression someone is in the room.

• Don’t hold the door open for someone if you don’t know who they are. If you don’t want to challenge them, then leave the door closed.  If they are allowed access they will have a key of will know the keypad number.

• Don’t leave fire doors propped open, allowing anyone easy access to your building.

• Report any suspicious activity to college staff / security

• If you know a window has been left open in an unattended room tell a member of staff.

• Don’t become complacent just because you are not in a ground floor room. You can still become a victim of crime if you leave doors/windows open.

This is all standard crime prevention advice and is given to help prevent you from becoming a victim of crime. It is also Common Sense.