Domestic Abuse


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Domestic abuse can affect anyone regardless of age, sexuality and gender.





Sorry's not enough.


There is no excuse for abuse.


Sorry's not enough; there is no excuse for abuse runs in County Durham and Darlington to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse.
There is a dedicated website aimed at rising awareness and giving information on where to access advice and support , please click here to find out more.




How to report domestic abuse.
Remember: in an emergency call 999.
If you are safe and want to report abuse contact the police on 101.



I thought it was domestic violence not domestic abuse?

Historically this had been referred to as domestic violence, as more research and a better understanding have been gained about the issue, we have realised that violence is only one part of it and domestic abuse is a more apt title.

A more detailed description is available on the dedicated website.



Specialist support is available.

Harbour Support Services are a specialist domestic abuse service who can help people who live in County Durham and Darlington . 

Tel: 03000 20 25 25.  




Other people you can approach for help are:

  • Social Worker
  • Your GP
  • Health Visitor
  • Housing officer  

Other Local Services

The Meadows, Sexual Assault Referral Centre

Tel: 0191 301 8554



The Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre (Darlington and County Durham)

Tel: 01325 369933



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National Services

Female victims


Male victims


LGBT victims



Polish Communities

Legal Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence and Children at Risk of Abuse



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