Firearms & Explosives Licensing

****As a result of the unforeseen circumstances surrounding COVID-19, processes have been amended to deal with the evolving situation, however delays are to be expected.****

Please note the following changes with immediate effect, until further notice;
  • Telephone lines are only open between 9am-11am Monday-Friday.
  • No front counter service will be proveded by Firearms Licensing at Unit 1, Whitehouse Industrial Park, Taynor Way, Peterlee SR8 2RT.
  • All correspondace including renewal applications are to be sent electronically, via email to:
  • Payment for renewal applications must be made electronically, therefore only card payments over the telephone will be accepted. You will be conatcted by the department in due course to take the payment.
  •  Emails will be monitored regularly but response time cannot be guaranteed, but we will endevour to respond as soon as possible
  • No timescales can be provided for all enquiry types.  


Firearms Licenisng appreciate these changes may be inconvenient for many but would very much appreciate your efforts to comply with these changes. Firearms Licensing would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and co-operation throughtout this process



Shooting vermin alone for the purpose of protecting crops and livestock will be permitted.
Shooting for pleasure and/or in groups of two or more will not.


The Firearms & Explosives Licensing Department is located at Whitehouse Industrial Park, Peterlee, County Durham.
The department's main function is to administer the Firearms Acts 1968-1997 as amended, and the Explosives Regulations 2014. This means that the department is concerned with public safety in relation to the private ownership of firearms, shotguns and explosives.
Postal Address:
Firearms & Explosives Licensing
Unit 1,
Whitehouse Ind. Park,
Traynor Way,
This email account is monitored between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.
This email address should not be used for any message that might require an emergency response.
Telephone numbers:
0191 375 2240 or 0191 375 2542
In an emergency, always dial 999.
Firearms Licensing Opening Hours:
Telephone enquires Between 9am to 11am Monday-Friday.
Please read the guidance notes on Form 201 before completing your application form, these can be found on pages 12-15 on the below 201 application form.
Please ensure your certificate or a copy of your full certificate is submitted with your renewal application.
Please complete Durham Constabulary Other Residents form although this is not mandatory,  this will ensure your application is processed with the utmost efficiency


- Firearms and Shotgun Grant - Renewal Form 201.pdf 

- Firearms Variation Application (Form 201V).pdf

- Other Residents Form 

- Ownership of Weapon Transfer

All cheques or Postal orders should be made payable to: Durham Constabulary or Durham Police. **We now also accept card payments**

If you need any advice in relation to completing your application please do not hesitate to contact us on: 0191 3752240 or alternatively email:

Return all completed forms to the above address 



Please note that at present, due to a significant increase in demand, a temporary permit will be assigned to an individual’s record at the end of the eight-week extension period.
The permit will not be issued in paper form, unless specifically requested by the certificate holder. We would ask that you only request this if absolutely necessary.
Your record will show the details thereafter, an officer may check the validity of your ability of your ability to be in possession of a firearm by referring to your record.   


Limited Extension of Certificate, Section 28B of the Firearms Act 1968, as amended.
This provision came into force on 17 April 2018, as a result of Section 131 of the Policing and Crime Act 2017, and extends an expiring certificate by no more than 8 weeks.
This extension is conditional on the renewal application being made no less than 8 weeks before expiry, and does not alter the terms of the original certificate, with the purchase of ammunition and the transfer of guns still being permitted. 
In Durham, we do not anticipate having to use this extension in cases other than when there are additional enquiries that will take us past the expiry date.  As soon as we identify any such issue, an extension letter will be granted, and our advice is that certificate holders retain the letter with their expiring certificate as proof of the extension.
For applications that are made less than 8 weeks before expiry, the limited extension will not apply, and if the renewal process cannot be completed before the expiry date, the holder will have to make alternative arrangements for their guns, as has been the practice for some time.
When an application that has been extended is granted, the renewal date will remain unchanged, and the new certificate will be dated from the previous expiry date, with any additional time under this provision not counting towards the new certificate.
Therefore, if a holder has an expired certificate, but it is within the 8 week period after expiry, and they produce a letter confirming the limited extension, their certificate can be regarded as valid in all respects.


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