Hook a Crook

 The ‘Hook a Crook' campaign revolves around getting you, members of the public, to become:

 - More aware
 - More vigilant, and
 - To phone in and report anonymously all suspicious behaviour in relation to cycle theft to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

This suspicious behaviour can be anything, it can be anything from:

 - A neighbour who has a large number of bikes in his possession
 - Any van on the street containing a number of bikes or having bikes put into it
 - A person in a town/city centre who is hovering and watching over the racks, or attempting to break or cut a lock
 - It could be someone carrying a bike with only one wheel (excluding unicycles)
 - A friend who is trying to sell a load of bikes, perhaps even offering them very cheaply or with no reason why they are offloading them
 - Or it could be any behaviour you feel is just suspicious or odd

All calls will be kept strictly confidential, we will not take your name, and above all, we will not go straight out to arrest your friend. If he is innocent he will have absolutely nothing to worry about, but you could be saving your other friend's or family's bikes from being stolen; or protecting them from being victimised by the cycle thieves in other ways.

If you have any information on who might be stealing or handling stolen bikes then please phone CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111.
You can call CRIMESTOPPERS anonymously if you have information about any other criminal or suspicious activity.