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​The motorcycle section sits within the Durham Roads and Armed Policing Unit.

There are five officers in the team, who have a range of responsibilities which include:  

The motorcycle section is responsible for ensuring the smooth movement of convoys across our road network and frequently work across the country to support other police forces.

A convoy could involve the movement of a VIP such as a member of the Royal family, or a prisoner being moved about the country. It could also include an abnormal load, football coaches, cycle races, emergency vehicles or even, as we saw in 2012 the Olympic flame.

Tackling problems caused by off-road motorcycles  
The section has a fleet of off road motorcycles which regularly patrol across the force area and are  deployed to support local policing teams tackling off road nuisance. Particular attention is paid to areas highlighted by communities through PACT meetings or where the public are  reporting repeated problems.   

Roads policing operations 
Because of their relatively small size and agility motorcycles have a unique ability to safely intercept vehicles on the road worthy of closer examination by police or partner agencies. Such operations are wide ranging but typically may focus upon vehicles carrying - for example -hazardous materials or scrap metal.  

Casualty reduction 
in addition to PACT road safety related concerns, motorcycle officers also  support strategic roads policing operations such as drink-drive or seatbelt campaigns. They also play a key role in supporting WiseDrive every year.    

The motorcycle section has a particularly important role to play reducing road casualties among motorcyclists who are a particularly vulnerable group of road users. The section does so in partnership with supporting agencies under the award winning BikeWise banner.