Aiming for Excellence

 Aiming for Excellence (AFE) is Durham Constabulary’s organisational philosophy; it is the way we do our business which in turn enables us to achieve the Force Vision to:

‘deliver excellent policing to inspire confidence in the people we serve by protecting neighbourhoods, tackling criminals and solving problems around the clock’.

AFE consists of four elements:

  • Team work – supporting and valuing others at all levels and empowering our staff to work with partners to deliver long term solutions to problems;
  • Accountability – ensuring staff are accountable for their own actions and aim to achieve their full potential in delivering high quality standards of customer service;
  • Leadership – all staff should display leadership qualities in taking responsibility for and solving problems, embracing diversity, acting with integrity and being ambassadors for the organisation;
  • Communication – our staff will ensure that all communication within and outside of the organisation is accurate, timely, reliable and complete and that the flow of information is two – way.