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Durham Constabulary is committed to delivering excellent policing to inspire confidence in victims and our communities by:

  • Protecting neighbourhoods
  • Tackling criminals
  • Solving problems

...around the clock.

We are proud of our staff and proud to deliver value for money policing in County Durham and Darlington.

We have an 'Aiming for Excellence' philosophy:

  • Team work – supporting and valuing others at all levels and empowering our staff to work with partners to deliver long term solutions to problems;
  • Accountability – ensuring staff are accountable for their own actions and aim to achieve their full potential in delivering high quality standards of customer service;
  • Leadership – all staff should display leadership qualities in taking responsibility for and solving problems, embracing diversity, acting with integrity and being ambassadors for the organisation;
  • Communication – our staff will ensure that all communication within and outside of the organisation is accurate, timely, reliable and complete and that the flow of information is two–way.

Our strategic priorities are clearly outlined through 'Plan on a Page'.

Our Force Values are Positivity, Fairness, Courage, Inclusivity, and Integrity.

Our staff will perform their duty consistent with the Code of Ethics which has been developed by the College of Policing. The Code provides information on how to achieve ethical decision making and indicates how breaches of the Code will be dealt with. It combines policing principles and standards of behaviour in a single document; is inclusive, applying to everyone in Durham Constabulary be it police officers, staff, special constables, volunteers or contractors.

We also welcome your views and value your feedback – both positive and negative – as this not only helps us to identify the things we do well, but also those areas where we need to improve. ​ 

If you are dissatisfied with our service and wish to make a complaint, please visit our 'Thanks and Complaints' section.